Time Off and Leave

Time Off Programs

Details about Time Off Programs available to all postdoc associates and scholars can be found on the GW Postdoc Benefits webpage.

Full time off and leave details can be found in the PDF version here: GW Postdoc Time Off and Leave Guide

Leave Requests and Tracking

All postdocs use PlanMyLeave to request and manage time off. Requests are subject to approval by the postdoc’s manager.

The annual time policy will apply based on a postdoc’s start date and months of service. 

Annual Time Policy Effective January 1, 2022

For Postdocs with a start date prior to 1/1/22:

0 - 48 month - 18 days (144 hours)

49+ month - 21 days (168 hours).

Postdocs with a start date of 1/1/22 and after: Postdoc scholars and associates will accrue a maximum of 18 days (144 hours) per fiscal year regardless of GW service time.

In addition, postdocs will accrue 12 days of sick time per fiscal year. 


Review the Time Off Programs for Postdocs and the Postdocs Time Off and Leave Guide on the Postdoc Benefits webpage.