Electronic Theses and Dissertations Submission at GW

Welcome to the George Washington University’s Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) website. This website is a central resource for all of your ETD needs from formatting your manuscript to submission using the ProQuest ETD Administrator.

ETDs at GW

Learn what an ETD is and the benefits of completing one.

ETD Approval Deadlines

Find GW’s ETD approval deadlines and degree conferral dates by semester for dissertations and master’s theses. Download the ETD Access Approval Form. Also view our Checklist for Graduation.

Prepare for Submission and Publication

Consider several publication topics while you are writing your manuscript, including copyright, Creative Commons Licenses, patent concerns, publisher issues, and publishing options.

Formatting Your Content

Find University formatting guidelines and requirements specific to each GW school. Learn about digital accessibility, writing style, and Microsoft Word and LaTeX formatting.

Steps in Submission and the Approval Process

Refer to our guide for best practices for submitting your ETD, and complete the submission and review process after your faculty advisor signs off on the final version of your manuscript.

FAQs and Online Resources

Provides basic ETD information and process overviews to help answer common questions. Use library and Web resources to search for dissertations and theses from GW and other institutions.

Contact Us

Refer to our list of contacts for general questions, school-specific ETD guidance, and technical assistance in submitting your ETD.

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