Recruiting Postdocs

Starting the Process

To recruit a new postdoc, please contact your Postdoc Administrator and the Office Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) at [email protected].

Postdoc recruitment can only be done within PA7 (PeopleAdmin). No other tools should be used for postdoc job postings. 

Postdoc appointments, both postdoctoral associates and scholars, have limited terms of up to five years at GW. If a postdoc has spent time in a postdoc role at another institution or in another field, the total time of training at GW will be limited to five years. In extraordinary circumstances, extensions can be considered to the five-year term limit by seeking approval from the postdoc’s faculty mentor. Requests for extensions must be submitted to [email protected].

Following the five-year training period at GW, a postdoctoral appointee must transition into a non-postdoc position at the university or another organization. We recommend faculty mentors to work with HR Business Partners of offering a staff/faculty position to the postdoc if such an opportunity is considerate and feasible.

If you have questions about the five-year limit as it pertains to postdoc appointments, please reach out to [email protected].


Effective January 1, 2022, titles for postdocs will be postdoctoral associate and postdoctoral scholar. All prior postdoc titles under the research staff category will no longer exist.

Postdoc titles may include the field of research, e.g., Postdoctoral Associate, Human Paleobiology.

Investigators and faculty mentors who are unsure of the appropriate title for their new postdoc can email [email protected] for assistance.

Sample Appointment Descriptions

Sample descriptions (i.e. Job Standard Templates (JSTs) for postdoctoral scholar and associate appointment positions have been developed and can be used to create postings within the PeopleAdmin (PA7) system. Any questions can be sent to the Postdoc Support Team by emailing [email protected].

Download sample postdoc position descriptions (GW log in required)

Starting Compensation

Effective July 1, 2023, the minimum annualized compensation for postdocs is $56,484

The minimum compensation aligns with year zero of the FY23 NIH National Research Service Awards (NRSA) scale which is a national standard. The minimum will apply across all GW departments and units, regardless of funding source. NIH updates the NRSA scale annually. GW will continue to reference it to inform starting compensation.

The NRSA scale should be considered when setting compensation for the initial appointment.

Compensation Guidelines

Basic Trainee: $56,484 ‐ $66,187.
Approval Chain: Finance Director -> Postdoc Office.

Advanced Trainee: $66,188 ‐ $85,000.
Approval Chain: Finance Director -> ADR -> Postdoc Office.

Placement in the basic and advanced range is highly specific to the position and finalist. Justification is needed for all advanced level hires.

Acquiring a Visa

Departments should reach out to the International Services Office to initiate the visa process. Obtaining a visa takes time and patience, so please begin the process well before their appointment date. Postdoc appointments can only proceed upon successfully acquiring and providing the university with all necessary documents, including visa documents.

Budgeting for Postdocs in Sponsored Projects

A postdoc fringe rate has been established. Please refer to the current rates posted on the Office of Sponsored Projects website.

Tips for Promoting A Postdoc Posting

All GW postdoc positions appear on GW Jobs, and Higher Ed jobs.

Hiring faculty and staff are encouraged to share postings with their professional networks, including relevant professional societies that may have listservs or job boards. Posting to social media, especially LinkedIn, has been a successful recruitment tactic as well.